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Modern updated successor to the H-SCAN is now shipping for a fraction of the H-SCAN price.

AgeMeter is an industry-leading medical biomarker test used to estimated functional age.

The AgeMeter measures various functional biomarkers of aging, including memory, reactions, hearing, agility, decision speed, tactile sense, and lung function. Additional biomarkers are continually being explored for future upgrades. By comparing scores to norms by age and sex, the AgeMeter estimates a person’s functional age, which may differ from chronological age. Health care practices that focus on aging and aging researchers can use the AgeMeter to confirm whether interventions actually cause a person to have the functional ability of a younger age.

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Welcome to the virtual Centers For Age Control where you can get science based information on anti-aging medicine, supplements, and cosmetics. There is a vast amount of information available on these topics. However, by focusing only on the information that is both truly scientific and most fundamental – rather than one of numerous small steps, this site can provide you with a shorter, less confusing list of what is useful now or in the foreseeable future.

Anti-aging doctors attempt to treat aging as a disease rather than an inevitable decline. Hence, the name Centers for Age Control.


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