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Case Study

The case study is the developer of this web site. He has had very unusually good health and slow aging, as indicated by the results below. Some health habits are listed below the following table.

Attribute Value
Sex  Male
Actual Age  69
Age Appearance  45 to 55 According to personal physician
Age Appearance  40 to 50 Qualified to be hired for projects requiring that range of ages according to a reputable casting agency
 Medications  None Have never required any age related or chronic medications
 Examination  Healthy All tests in normal or exceptionally healthy range: blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.
 Vision  20/20 According to 2017 Eye Examination
 Reading Glasses  None According to 2017 Eye Examination and all past examinations
Teeth Age Appearance  ~ 35 According to dental clinic in 2017
 Hospitalizations  None Never hospitalized
 Headaches  None None since early childhood
 Bodily pain  None Has never had chronic aches and pains
 Height  5 ft 11 inches
 Weight  170 pounds Not at all overweight


Health Habits:

Have averaged 7.7 hours of sleep each night according to spreadsheet kept since 2003. Before keeping records, had at least that average for entire life. When speaking to others who have aged more rapidly, insufficient sleep is usually one of the things that they have done differently.

Sprint 100 meters uphill most days since 2007, and from 2001 to 2003.

Take resveratrol regularly since 2009, 200 mg per day, and since late spring, 2014, 1000 or 500 mg per day. Have had breaks of a few weeks or a couple months occasionally.

Use weight machines at gym twice per week since 2012. Have had other gym memberships occasionally since 1980’s. When not using gym, have done about 20 pushups at home most days since 1980’s.

Balanced diet with plenty of fruits vegetables and protein since childhood.